CALIBAN INTERVIEW BY METAL MARK!Caliban released their new album, “I Am Nemesis”, last month via Century Media Records and the response has been incredible! It is the band’s eighth studio album and they just get better and better! That’s the idea right?!? The guys has been touring in support of this record for months now and I can’t wait for their return to the States. They are well known for their insane shows, and with the powerful new material from “I Am Nemesis”, I can only imagine how intense the new set list is! Come to the States already!

Last week I got to send questions over to their vocalist Andreas Dörner about the new album, touring, their fans, and more! Check it out below and go pick up “I Am Nemesis” today!

Caliban released “I Am Nemesis” last month to the metal world and the reactions from both fans and press has been great! Being your eighth album, how much does it mean to still get that response from everyone?

It means a lot to us, especially after this long time for being in a band. We always make the music we want to make and it feels just awesome that so many people like what we do…thanks for that!!!

On the new record, you said that the “sound of the album is the best we’ve ever had.” Was this something you really put emphasis on when entering the studio or did it kind of just happen?

You always try to get the best result, the best songs, the best sound when you enter the studio, but you never know what happens during the recording process. So our goal was to create the best sound we ever had and everyone worked very hard on it to make that possible.

There are a ton of great tracks on this record, but looking back on the material now, what songs are you most proud of?

That´s hard to say, because even after a while of distance I can‘t pick any favorite songs. Special to me are “Memorial”, because it´s about my dead father and “This Oath”, because this song is for my wife.

Is that why you guys chose “Memorial” for the first video off the new record?

We picked 3 or 4 possible single songs and let our label and management decide. So they picked “Memorial” and that´s why it is the first video. We think it turned out great though!

Do you have plans for future videos off this release?

We are already working on a second video for “We Are The Many” so stay tuned for that!

You guys are known for your hardcore fan base, yet I believe in some cases, you still don’t get the recognition that you deserve. Do you still feel like you have something to prove with each new release?

We have our roots in the hardcore scene, but over the years, we get more and more mixed up with the modern metal scene. We know where we are and who we are, so I think we don‘t have to prove anything. We have hardcore fans and metal fans and I´m grateful for any of them!!!

I feel that you guys are well known and very respected in Europe and that you’re still trying to connect with more fans here in the States. Do you feel the same way?

It´s hard to get good tours in the States for us. We always looking for a good offer, for a good tour, and I hope that we get one this year. It’s about time to hit the states again!!! We´re working on it!

Being in the scene since the late 90’s, you’ve seen the styles of heavy music change numerous times over the years. What do you think it is that has kept you guys around and being as successful as you are?

I don’t know, but maybe it’s because we always tried to be real and we tour all the time. We play every show we can! That´s just a guess though, you have to ask the people why they like us : )

Anything left that you would like to say to the fans?

Thanks for your time and interest for reading this!!! Thanks for your massive support all over the years!!! We are very proud to have fans like you!!! Don‘t forget to check out our latest album “I Am Nemesis” and if we get the chance to come to the States again: Get you ass to one of the shows!!!

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