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Calamity: “Kairos” Album Review


Calamity: “Kairos” Album Review

Get your cultural bullet belts ready. We have some bedlam here in the thrash kingdom with Puerto Rico’s Calamity.

Originally formed as the Metallica cover band Silent Scream in 2009, they soon had their own material and played their first gig under the name of Hush in 2010. With a performance opening for Skeletonwitch, the band decided finally on Calamity to set their thrash metal sound.

Calamity have since been gaining momentum performing in fests and touring the United States. Kairos is their sophomore release, and it beautifully rips. Their individual talents are made apparent on each track. “Killer Vibes” is most certainly a pit song, even as the lyrics proclaim, “We are all equal in the pit.” “Guerreros” is sung in Spanish, but who cares about language when you have some great metal. “Still We Live” feels like it is more on the speed metal side, which is perfectly acceptable since it was the forerunner of today’s thrash. The title track is as smooth as rum with lilting, beautiful riffs and a sound that is full on energy with a taste of power metal and a definite influence of stuff like Amon Amarth. I fully enjoy the bizarre little switch up in the midst of the song. It definitely grabs your attention. “El vachio” (The Vacuum) is amazing. It starts as almost a heavy ballad with the nuances of Berny Santos’ vocals on beautiful display here. Though I may not understand the lyrics, the song is haunting.

Calamity‘s Kairos is yet another album that is staggering in its energy and depth.

Kairos is independently released and out now. Buy it here!

Calamity - Kairos - Promo

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