Byzantine Releases “The Agonies” Single! Listen Now!


Byzantine Releases “The Agonies” Single! Listen Now!

A few weeks ago we all rejoiced when we heard that Byzantine would be releasing their new album, “To Release is To Resolve,” on April 7th! With that exciting news we got a brand new song too, and “A Curious Lot” was as awesome as we expected (listen here)! In my recent interview with OJ, he said that “the band is hitting their stride right now,” and I couldn’t agree more! Their self-titled release back in 2013 was fucking incredible, and the new album picks up right where it left off! I can’t stop listening to it! If you’ve ever loved the “Byz,” then you will love “To Release is To Resolve!” Trust me!

Do you want to hear another new song? Of course you do! Thanks to Decibel Magazine, you can stream “The Agonies” below, and if you love it as much as I do, pre-order “To Release is To Resolve” immediately!

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Via Decibel Magazine