Burning The Dream: “Dark Waters” EP Review


Burning The Dream: “Dark Waters” EP Review

Coming in like a nuclear wrecking ball, we have Burning the Dream from Scotland throwing their kilts into the ring in our SnB/Steel Panther “Unsigned Bands Death Match.” OK, it’s not really a death match … maybe a “Fuck Them Up Until They Have To Limp Home Cupping Their Bruised Balls Match,” though. And, trust me, I pity any band that gets in the ring with Burning the Dream. These guys make Slipknot and those mutants who chased Mad Max across the desert look like pussies.

Man, these Glaswegians (I love that word … Glaswegians … people from Glasgow) are the sonic equivalency of a full-frontal lobotomy performed with a chainsaw. Vocalist Paul Kelly sounds like he starts off every morning with a big bowl of razor blades and gravel washed down with a glass of battery acid. His voice could peel paint from a hundred yards. And, the band behind him are no slouches, either. They literally takes no prisoners, and I am pretty sure no bullshit.

On their Dark Waters EP, Burning the Dream deliver five songs with enough angst, anger, aggression and acrimony to fill two albums. It is literally the aural equivalency of dark matter; hardcore/thrash metal compressed, crushed and compacted into this punched-in-the-face-with-a-barbwire-wrapped-fist-of-fury. I’ll be honest, normally metal like this is really not my favorite, but within three songs, I was hooked and dying to hear more from these guys.

Knowing the demographic of metal fans we have on SkullsnBones, I can say this is up so many of your alleys you will thank me after you hear Burning the Dream. So, as always, keep the devil horns high and keep safe in the pit!

Dark Waters is out now. Buy it here!

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