Buried Realm: “Embodiment Of The Divine” Album Review


Buried Realm: “Embodiment Of The Divine” Album Review

Sometimes when you have a vision, you have to put it in motion by yourself. The one-man, melodic death metal project Buried Realm boasts a grand vision that continues to wow fans with Embodiment Of The Divine

Featuring guest musicians from bands like Born Of Osiris and past members of Soilwork and Obscura, this album has some beautiful instrumental work that hits hard. Despite there being so many guests, Josh Dummer is the mastermind behind the band and everything is his vision.

The instrumentation is a huge highlight for me on Embodiment Of The Divine. Tracks like “Infinite Mutation” really show off the abilities of Dummer and everyone involved. The track is seven-and-a-half minutes long, and it fits in everything from beautiful solos and guitar melodies to really stand out bass parts to blast beats galore. The drumming also provides nice accompaniment through heavy and beautiful, grand sections.

In addition to the instrumentation, the vocals and the lyrics are also really well done. The song “Master Psychosis” is about finding the dark side of the mind and the conflict of either hiding it or opening up about it. This track and most of the others on Embodiment Of The Divine have both screamed and clean vocals.

Buried Realm bring a little something for everyone on Embodiment Of The Divine, and Dummer fits all the different elements together nicely.

Embodiment Of The Divine is out July 24. Buy it here!

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