BPMD: “American Made” Album Review


BPMD: “American Made” Album Review

BPMD are a supergroup made up of Bobby Blitz (Overkill), Mike Portnoy (Sons Of Apollo), Mark Menghi (Metal Allegiance), and Phil Demmel (Vio-lence). Their debut album, American Made, is a compilation of covers of classic ’70s rock songs done with new energy coming from these huge names in metal who do a great job at reviving some of these tracks for a lot of kids who aren’t familiar with them.

American Made starts with Blitz screaming a classic Ted Nugent introduction of the band leading into the first track, none other than “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang”. Some of the other bands covered on American Made include Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. While some of the songs covered aren’t very heavy originally, these metal legends boost the intensity along with the energy behind it but keep the classic feel of the song. 

The energy that BPMD bring to each of these tracks is really apparent, and you can feel the sheer enthusiasm that they have for them. Along with their energy and passion, the talent that each member brings really bring new life to each of the covers. 

Since BPMD all come from iconic metal bands, they bring a bit of that metal sound to each track and each member’s unique playing style mashes together really well. Good examples of which this are the songs “D.O.A” and “Tattoo Vampire,” both of which feature Portnoy’s double bass and crazy fills, Demmel’s shredding solos, Blitz’s iconic screeching vocals, and Menghi’s amazing ability to hold everything together while still adding flavor on the bass.

American Made is out June 12 on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

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