Borknagar: "Winter Thrice" Album Review by Jason Z!

Borknagar: "Winter Thrice" Album Review by Jason Z!

Borknagar: "Winter Thrice" Album Review by Jason Z!

Borknagar are an enigma. Their ability to crash boundaries is simply amazing. On their tenth release, Winter Thrice, they bounce between folk, symphonic, black and prog metal genres with reckless abandon. It sounds effortless for them.

“The Rhymes Of The Mountain” opens the album with a folky sound, then blasts into the aforementioned black, death and prog genres. The blend of clean and ungodly vocals is perfection. The title track takes a more brutal turn, but it distinctly highlights the crystal clear production here. It’s flawless. “Cold Runs The River” is darker, faster and more blackened.  It’s furious, yet the vocal harmonies literally send chills down your spine. “When Chaos Calls” invites a classical influence to the mix, and the songwriting and musicianship exhibited here is not only beautiful, it’s impeccable. “Erodent” takes a more stripped down approach, but it crescendos with a magnificent cornucopia of sounds only Borknagar are capable of producing. The evil vocals amid acoustic guitars grab you and don’t let go making it my favorite song on here. “Noctilucent” is another adventure in the excellent songwriting exhibited here. Starting out with a folky intro, it slowly builds to a classical sounding, power metal blend. “Terminus” is altogether different with a fierce blend of black, prog and classical metal. Again, the vocals interlaced with the guitar harmonies make this song. “Dominant Winds,” the album outro, is a modern metal opus. It brings the album full circle and really showcases what Borknagar are all about.

Winter Thrice builds upon the sound of Borknagar‘s previous album, Urd, but takes it to a completely new level. I have listened to this countless times over the last few weeks, and the entire album continues to grow on me with each listen. This album is a must-own release for 2016!

Winter Thrice is out January 22 on Century Media Records. Pre-order it here!

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Borknagar - Winter Thrice