Bookakee: “Ignominies” Album Review

Bookakee are described as “Montreal’s answer to GWAR,” and you can bet your ass they aren’t kidding.

Well-known for garnishing full body makeup and gory stage props, Bookakee deliver extreme metal with a fusion of styles incorporated in the bestial release Ignominies. Formed in 2007, they won the 2011 “Metal Academie” battle of the bands in their hometown, and they’ve performed with Obscura, Cryptopsy, Augury, Powerglove, Dying Fetus, and Fleshgod Apocalypse, among others. Their current lineup is Philippe Langelier (vocals), Simon Pierre Gagnon (guitars), Jonathan David (bass) and JP Bouchard (drums). Together they create quite an original work in Ignominies. A little note: It is best to listen to this album in its entirety in linear order to get the best effect.

With “Monarch of the Depraved” you will first notice the very extreme, slicing vocals, but listen well to the touches of prog in the fretwork that is combined with adrenalized death metal drumming. The title track and “Muliebria” contain a melee of barbaric sounds from growls to screeches to a symphony of exemplary guitar work. “Mario Whirl” is purely instrumental and will churn you up and spit you out. Immediately following is “ Refuge Insidieux,” a slower paced masterpiece full of groove. Then it is immediately back to the rageful brutality in “Scullion.”

Dig your heels into for the remainder of the Ignominies‘ songs which are simply megaliths of aggression. Masterful and ingenious.

Ignominies is out June 29 on Transcending Records. Buy it here!

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