Bloodbath fans rejoice! We have exciting new updates from Anders “Blakkheim” Nyström! The guitarist was interviewed by El Cuartel Del Metal, and he revealed updates on a new vocalist, the new material and more! Here are the exciting excerpts below!

On why they haven’t revealed the new vocalist yet, “Because the kids are too quick to judge a person on false parameters and we want to avoid a shitstorm full of doubts and confusion and rumors that we have nothing to back up our cause with. We want to let actual audio do the speaking for us and people are of course welcome to judge the effort and the performance how they please, but we don’t want to read misjudged and pre-conceived opinions about a name that they might claim won’t fit.

Any clues on who it is, “We know him from before and we look up to him for what he’s done. He’s part of a legendary band.

On the band’s sound in 2013, “Well it will be 2014 now, but the album will be our most ‘necro’ sounding album we’ve ever done. We’ve done the hi-fi and technical things now for a while that we just wanna turn 180 degrees and go for the low fi approach. Rotten dirty slabs of death metal from the basement! Organic! Raw! With the heaviness in focus, not the speed. I know there are tons of people who got into Bloodbath with our last album and not only wish, but even expect a straight follow-up with more of the same, but that won’t happen. It’s very liberating with Bloodbath that we can do exactly what we want and what we need without listening or caring about anyone’s opinion, neither labels, the media or fans. We are not afraid to not live up to expectations because we really don’t have to consider anything, there’s no “wrong step” in Bloodbath. This project is run by our gut feeling, nothing else. If the new album gets bad reviews and negative feedback it’s even logical in a way because we certaintly don’t expect that everyone will love it and be ready for this radical stiff turn. But we are and I’m sure some zombies are too!

Anders also revealed that they have the album’s title and cover art work ready, as well as future “festival” tour dates in the works! This is all GREAT NEWS! Read the full interview here!

Via El Cuartel Del Metal


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