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Blood Of The Wolf: “Album I + II” Album Review


Blood Of The Wolf: “Album I + II” Album Review

Blood of the Wolf are back with Album I + II, 18 songs of blackened death metal culled from their from 2015’s The Law of Retalion and 2018’s Campaign of Extermination. The Chicago-based metallers have performed with Marduk, Belphegor, Inquisition and Incantation, and the lineup includes Mike Koniglio (guitar/vocals), Frank Garcie (guitar), Christopher Grimes (bass), and Rick Hernandez (drums).

“Annihilation Overture” starts as a battle scene with swords clanging and cries of death before an ominous instrumental intro leads into “With Iron Weapons and Will” which roars in like the warriors of old. Unfortunately there is nothing that  stands out over the 18 songs. I did, however, enjoy the sweeping blasts throughout the work, including “Thunder the Drums of War” which is especially nice to this drummer’s ears. “Bellicose Ethos” is another choice pick, and it is slightly different than the other tracks. It sequentially escalates with a buildup of tension as cascading drums and crushing vocals blanket the song.

Perhaps if Blood of the Wolf added some tempo changes here and there it would make Album I + II all the more interesting.

Album I + II is out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Buy it here!

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