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Bleeding Gods: “Dodekathlon” Album Review


Bleeding Gods: “Dodekathlon” Album Review

Dodekathlon by Bleeding Gods is a conceptual album based on the Greek mythology of the 12 labors of Hercules. I won’t get too into the story since there are many websites about it, but in summation, after a fit of rage, Hercules murdered his wife and children. As punishment for the murders, he had to perform 12 labors, or feats that were nearly impossible, although he completed them with the assistance of Hermes and Athena making him Greece’s greatest hero.

Ramon Ploeg and Rutger van Noordenburg are admirable guitarists adding variety to the sound on Dodekathlon. You hear an element of thrash and hints of doom metal embedded in this death metal outfit. Check out the video for the track “From Feast to Beast,” a track that features bassist Gea Mulder‘s badass playing with distinct fluidity. Speaking of beasts, Daan Klemann is savage on his kit and exudes fiery, brutal energy. Mark Huisman has exemplary vocals that are perfectly fitting for this genre.

The songs on Dodekathlon are hearty and robust and flow into the tale of the hero. Hearing Bleeding Gods’ lyrics simply isn’t enough. You’ll wish you had them in hand to delve deeper.

Dodekathlon is out now on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Buy it here!