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Blackening: “Mental Disorder” Album Review


Blackening: “Mental Disorder” Album Review

I have to admit that Blackening‘s Mental Disorder album blew me out of the water. Having grown up with brothers that continuously played the albums of “The Big Four,” I grew to love the thrash metal genre long before they were called that. I am of the belief that there is not much more powerful and uplifting than music that moves you, that sends a tingle down your spine. Blackening have accomplished this wholeheartedly, and it is a wonderful feeling.

Aside from the very obvious Metallica influence, these musicians bring that fresh exquisite energy that thrash metal was born of. You will become enraptured by their massive riffs on songs like “Nightmare ” which also has a hint of Megadeth familiarity. “Welcome to Hell,” my choice pick, plays nicely with your eardrums. I thoroughly love Oliver’s vocals all throughout the album. “Devil’s Groove” is also a badass track which ascends and descends like a breath of chaos twisting about.

Mental Disorder is certainly a standout album this year thus far on my review journeys. I am taken by the relentless pace of energy that Blackening delivers.

Mental Disorder is out now. Buy it here!

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