Black Tongue: “The Unconquerable Dark” Album Review by Jason Z!

Black Tongue are what you get when you take the best of  deathcore, slow it down and inject as much heaviness as humanly possible. I can best describe them as the ugly stepchild of Suicide Silence, Black Sabbath and Meshuggah. They focus on groove, heavy riffs and mid-tempo break downs, and they do one hell of a job in the process. They have a unique sound that no one else has this day and age, and that says a lot.

“Plague Worship” oozes like some primordial dark slime. It’s slow but unbelievably heavy and pummeling, and vocalist Alex Teyen is a beast. “In the Wake Ov the Wolf” is a chugging, brutal ride through hell with a semblance of melody in its atmospheric midsection. “Young Gloom” starts with mysterious sounding bass and then shatters that with a crushing verse. “L’Appel du Vide” ventures into black metal complete with blast beats and atmospheric background, and it’s a cool sounding meld of different genres. “Vermintide,” featuring guest vocals from Suicide Silence‘s Eddie Hermida, is my favorite here. Teyen and Hermida work well together and the song is just brutal. “Prince of Ash” starts with a hint of Sabbath, then launches into an all-out violent beating in slow motion, and “The Masquerade” continues with a familiar, down-tuned, slow-motion pulverizing. “A Pale Procession ii:  Death March” might be the heaviest song ever recorded! “Please Lord Let It Be Night” is the perfect outro to an absolutely crushing album. The band is in perfection mode and everything melds into the perfect song. The tribal whispers and gang vocals towards the end should teach deathcore bands worldwide how things are done.

Black Tongue have created a crushing debut in The Unconquerable Dark. It is one of the heaviest, most abysmal albums I have heard, and while it oozes and crawls along at times, it never loses an ounce of brutality.

The Unconquerable Dark is out September 4 on Century Media Records. Buy it here!

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