The almighty Black Sabbath performed an INCREDIBLE set last night at PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey, and I was lucky enough to be one of the fans in attendance! The icons were set to hit the stage at 8:30pm, so the tailgating was in full effect when we arrived at the venue. After grabbing a “few” beers and hanging with friends, we all took our spot on the lawn and waited for those all familiar sirens to hit the air. As the lights went out and the sirens came through the speakers, the roar from the capacity crowd was deafening! Ozzy let out an evil laugh, and then the legends shadows were behind the curtain! Once the opening notes of “War Pigs” hit the air, the curtain dropped and we were all in heavy metal heaven for the next two hours!

Throughout the entire set, the proved time and time again why they are heavy metal royalty! From the songs to their performance, they were absolutely on point and I was truly blown away. Rumors of Ozzy‘s vocal issues were thrown out quickly, as he sounded better than I’ve heard him in many years. Obviously he’s not a young kid anymore, but yet he still ruled the stage in the only way Ozzy knows how. From clapping and jumping up and down, to getting the crowd involved, he was exceptional last night! How about everyone else? Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler were spot on as they always are, and it’s beyond inspiring to see these two perform in person. After over forty years, these guys can still hit every note perfectly and their love for the music truly shows through the smiles on their faces the entire set. As for Tommy Clufetos behind the kit, he absolutely killed it! Yes it was not Bill Ward, but Tommy performed a perfect show and definitely kept the energy of the crowd and band up the whole night through his playing. Not only did each member perform a damn near perfect set, but you could tell that they were enjoying every moment, and that’s one thing that never gets old seeing from a fans perspective!

As for the set list, I absolutely loved it! With their extensive discography it couldn’t have been easy to put together, but whoever did it, thank you. We got the classics everyone loves, some rare songs and three new tracks from “13.” For those that may not want three new ones, that’s your loss. It’s their new album, which rules, so of course they will be pushing the new stuff on the road. As the show went on, it was pretty impressive how well the new songs mixed with the older material. For myself, just hearing “Children Of The Grave” live made my year. That’s the song that started my heavy metal addiction years ago, and to hear it live for the first time was beyond amazing! I can die happy after last night!

In conclusion, Black Sabbath is still one of the best live bands on the planet! Yes, it wasn’t a true reunion, but looking back at it, I wouldn’t change anything at all! It was that good! Think about it, they are the true creators of heavy metal, and to get a chance to see them live is something no one should ever pass up! After their set last night, I can guarantee you that no fan left without a smile on their face. They, without a doubt, absolutely destroyed the place, and it was a true honor to be in attendance! m/

Set list: “War Pigs”, “Into the Void”, “Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes”, “Snowblind”, “Age of Reason”, “Black Sabbath”, “Behind the Wall of Sleep”, “N.I.B.”, “End of the Beginning”, “Fairies Wear Boots” , “Methademic”, “Rat Salad”, “Drum Solo”, “Iron Man”, “God Is Dead?”, “Dirty Women”, “Children of the Grave”, “Paranoid” (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro)