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Black Label Society: “Grimmest Hits” Album Review


Black Label Society: “Grimmest Hits” Album Review

All hail the mighty Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society!

Really? Did any of us not know that Grimmest Hits wouldn’t be spectacularly badasse? Seriously. We’re talking BLS here. Brother Zakk is quite simply the pinnacle of metal these days. Whether it’s as a vocalist, a guitarist or songwriter, the Jersey Boy is at the top of his motherfucking game.

In Zakk Wylde, Ozzy Osbourne found the Keith Richards to his Mick Jagger. The library of songs the two hard rock titans put out is without measure. So, it’s no surprise that with Grimmest Hits, Wylde and company have released one of the metal albums of the year.

Initial thoughts were that Grimmest Hits would be a play on “Greatest Hits” including a collection of past tracks. Instead, it’s an album of new songs that continue the legacy of Black Label Society with stellar Wylde riffs and gut-crunching wordplay. They are easily one of the top metal bands on tour, and they are producing killer music.

There’s no need to highlight specific songs, buoys and gulls. There ain’t a weak link in this chain anywhere on Grimmest Hits. Hell, even the simplistic artwork says all that needs to be said about this record. So, what say after you finish reading this review? Do the right thing and buy the record. King Rhino, out!

Grimmest Hits is out now on eOne Music. Buy it here!