Black Fast: “Spectre of Ruin” Album Review


Black Fast: “Spectre of Ruin” Album Review

Black Fast have quickly become a favorite for metalheads in the few years since their debut, Starving out the Light, in 2013. Spectre of Ruin, their newest album, should put the last nail in the coffin, proving they have the musicianship for longevity. This new effort continues on their sonic foundation of creating music that is brutal and well thought out. It is the next step forward from their previous album, Terms of Surrender.

The first single is “Cloak of Lies” which lays the path to destruction. This is a perfect example of what is delivered throughout the album, a combination of old school thrash metal with a hint of black metal layered on for good measure. My favorite track is “Famine Angel” which is a whirlwind of chaos that gives range for melody and enough technicality to bring black tooth grins from old and new fans. Lyrically, the album follows through with delivering enough death, violence and turmoil to even make the blackest heart crack a smile.

At first listen you may initially think that all the songs sound similar, but you would do yourself a disservice if you stopped there. The beauty of this album is what you get from repeat listens. Each time that I have played this release, I found some secret hiding in the dark, which will only reveal itself to those that pay attention to detail. Spectre of Ruin is dense with material heaviness that you might hurt your back putting this album/cd in your music player of choice. Black Fast have produced an album that will keep giving to the fans each time, giving them more than their money’s worth.

Spectre of Ruin is out July 13 on eOne Music. Buy it here!

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