Black Fast: Aaron Akin Interview By Metal Mark!

Aaron Akin talks in detail about Blast Fast's "Terms of Surrender", working with Erik Rutan, the response from fans, and much more in our exclusive new interview!

Black Fast: Aaron Akin Interview By Metal Mark!

Black Fast finally released their highly anticipated album, “Terms of Surrender”, last month via eOne, and it does not disappoint. I’ve been hearing about this band from people in the industry for the past few years, but to finally hear the record and see them live, the hype around them is more than well deserved. Whether it’s on the record or on stage, these guys absolutely rip your face off, but do it in such a way that you would think they’ve been in the scene for over a decade. They have the drive, they have the talent, and the future of metal seems very bright with a band like Black Fast around!

Black Fast recently kicked off their first ever national tour in support of Revocation here in New York City, and I got to speak with Aaron about “Terms of Surrender”, the recording process, the response from press, and much, much more! Enjoy the chat below, and be sure to pick up “Terms of Surrender” today!