Binah - Phobiate - Cover

At the tail end of what is a disgustingly hot and humid summer here on the Eastern Seaboard, I am receiving an abundance of promotional material to review. One of these goodies comes from Binah, and with their upcoming album Phobiate, they are setting the mood for autumn. Like the doom/death metal genre, many see autumn as a time of decay, a certain dread that winter is upon us. I see absolute beauty and a chance for respite and peace in the season, and I relate this feeling to the doom/death genre.

Binah deliver a gripping sound, dark and dingy, promising anguish, specially on the 12-minute “The Silent Static.” Far from depressing, there is elegance and allure in its inky chasms. Suddenly Binah switch gears and drive into your cerebral cortex with monstrous tendrils of insidious fucking heaviness with “Dream Paralysis” and “Waves of Defacement.” And then there’s the song “Bleaching.” Holy hell, no words, just a warning of my bloody Arctic heart. It’s a masterpiece.

Binah‘s Phobiate is out September 28 on Osmose Productions. Buy it here!

Binah - Phobiate - Promo



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