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Bewitcher: “Under The Witching Cross” Album Review


Bewitcher: “Under The Witching Cross” Album Review

Bewitcher are a power metal trio who are ripping their way out of the US northwest.

Hailing from Portland Oregon, they have been delivering what they self-describe as “heavy metal at the speed of Satan” since 2013 … and they aren’t fucking around. What may sound like a blast from the past to some is as comforting as a warm blanket on an arctic cold night. Under the Witching Cross is heavy on the speed factor and probably as close to modern traditional metal as you can get.

“Savage Lands of Satan” and the title track are certainly a nod to the gods of NWOBHM, and if you were keen on Helloween or the madness of Overkill, this is ripe for your music library. It’s immediately apparent that Bewitcher’s greatest asset lies in how they operate as a cohesive, manic force. Their style results in an often frantic and exhilarating sound, performed so deliberately close to the edge of total chaos that it sounds as if it was recorded live. Some of these tracks are speed metal while others lean more toward thrash, but and there should be no trouble recommending this to fans of either genre. I really enjoyed some of the bluesy hints interwoven into “Frost Moon Ritual,” and this track stood out as a mighty warrior would in battle. And yes it’s instrumental and being a nerdy nerd, I like that shit.

Under the Witching Cross is actually a breath of fresh air to my ears.

Under the Witching Cross is out now on Shadow Kingdom Records. Buy it here!

Bewitcher - Under the Witching Cross - Promo

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