BENEATH THE MASSACRE INTERVIEW BY METAL MARK!Beneath The Massacre will be releasing their next album, “Incongruous”, in the US on February 14th, in the UK on February 20th, in mainland Europe on February 24th and in Canada on February 28th via Prosthetic Records. I am extremely pumped for the new release because these guys never disappoint! Their two previous releases, “Dystopia” and “Mechanics of Dysfunction,” are absolutely mind blowing! If the new CD is a step above those records than we are in for something special! I recently got the chance to talk with vocalist Elliot Desgagnés about the upcoming album, the band, touring, and more! Check it out below and BE SURE to support his killer band!

Beneath The Massacre will be releasing “Incongruous” in February and it’s the first full length release from the band since “Dystopia” in 2008. How has the band grown since that album?

As much as we are playing the same type of music as we used to, I think there is not much in the two records we can compare. “Dystopia” was written in a very short period of time and there is a lot of things we would like to rethink about the songs. “Incongruous” is the total opposite. This is the record we took the most time to write because we wanted to make sure to be satisfied with the song writing and the general vibe we would give to the listeners. Overall, I think you can hear that we are getting more mature with each new album and we personally feel we are getting closer to the sound we’ve always been going for but couldn’t exactly nail it down.

The band released the “Maree Noire” EP in 2010, which featured five of the best songs I’ve ever heard from you guys. How does the new stuff compare to the material on that EP?

“Maree Noire” turned out great for a 7″, but we didn’t want to repeat it or to try to make all of our new material like that. There was even songs that were written before the EP and ended up on the full length just because it wouldn’t fit with the more melodic and darker vibe of “Maree Noire/” On “Incongruous” we really wanted to have the most intense songs we ever wrote. More technical, in your face and powerful riffing. Even the more melodic songs are faster and more intricate on the guitars than past albums. The difference is big enough that we can feel it when we play the new songs, they’re tiring us when we play them back to back haha…something that does not happen with the older material.

Since there was a four year gap (other than the EP) from the last full length release, did you feel any pressure to make the new album that much better for the fans?

Bah, to be honest the pressure is on us to make a better album for ourselves, to keep us proud of what we play, what we do with our music and this is the same with every record, because the day that we won’t like that much what we just wrote is going to be the day the band will stop existing. As for the fans, I think our true fans know what’s up with us. They kept an eye on us and knew we were cooking something good. Some thought all of our next releases would sound like “Maree Noire” and we even had people writing us about how they would like the next CD to sound like etc haha it’s awesome! But in general the “hype” on BTM is definitely something of the past and only the true fans of extreme music are staying aware of what we do and I think those people are not stressed out about how much time we take between albums. If extreme metal fans are still waiting on a new Necrophagist CD, I think they can wait 3 years in between BTM’s albums, no?

Why did you choose “Left Hand” and “Symptoms” as the first tracks for everyone to hear from the new album?

Because they are pretty much everyone’s two favorite songs in the band. Even simpler: I think they are two of the best songs we’ve ever written! At the same time, they are two tracks that sounds a little different while not being too different: “Left Hand” is a little more melodic and “Symptoms” is more aggressive and tech/headache-ish. They are also the songs we naturally started to practice first when preparing the new concerts.

Other than those two songs, are there any other personal favorite tracks from “Incongruous” that fans should be really excited about?

I think “Unheard” is absolutely insane. We started writing that song on the summer of 2009 and we couldn’t really finish it because it was too much all over the place and decided to start other songs that seemed more workable. Over two years later, we reopened the session and work in a blitz for this song and it turned out great. It has the worst receipt: started over two years ago, riffs that goes from really tech and spaced out to melodic, everyone was contributing musically on the song…but it turned out great for the last song of the record. “Damages” and “Pedestal” are also songs I like. The first one because of its melody and the other because of the heaviness and the strange time signature of one of the guitar riff. There is also “Hunted” that is pretty bad ass. It should also be our next promotional track for the record because it shows something different than the two others we released yet.

Is there anything on the upcoming record that will surprise anyone? Did you try anything extremely different from your previous releases?

Nothing extremely different from past records. Like I said, we have the same goal as a band since the beginning and we are only getting closer and closer with each new releases. Of course its unfortunate that we couldn’t arrive with the exact sound we wanted right from the get go on our first EP in 2004 but on the other hand its kind of cool to hear a band progressing and building their own sound with time…at least I think it is.

Now in my humble opinion, your band has always been horribly underrated and has never received the full respect from the metal world that you deserve. Do you think “Incongruous” is the record that will finally bring Beneath The Massacre to a higher level in the metal world?

Ah, thank you, this is really nice to hear, but to be honest I don’t think “Incongruous” is going to change anything big to where we stand in the metal scene. People that don’t like extreme death metal will not like it and most people that are into this type of music will probably be in love with the CD until they listen to it too many times haha. But its okay. We always knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to go to the extreme of what people can play and listen. I think none of our biggest influences ever been on the top of Billboard or anything fancy like that so why should we?

Beneath The Massacre will be heading out on Europe’s “Bonecrusher Fest” tour in February and March along with Carnifex, Within The Ruins, Molotov Solution, Betraying the Martyrs in February. When can we expect a return to the U.S. from you guys?

I honestly don’t know and its bumming us out a little. For some reasons, it is more complex for us Canadians to tour the U.S than Russia. The thing is that you need a work permit to tour the U.S. You need to make sure to have a certain amount of shows within the 365 days length of the permit. While touring is already hard enough money wise etc, the work permit issue is just something that makes it even more complicated so shows and tours in Canada, Europe, Autralia, Japan etc will have priority in our plans because it pushes back the work permit issue for us. That being said, it pushes back the problem but it does not fix it. I think we might buy a permit once we made money with a few tours in other countries/continent. Its just unfortunate that the US have to wait like that, we would have like it to do otherwise.
How long do you expect to tour off of the new record? In other words, will we have to wait another four years for a new full length from you guys?
Well, we tour less than we used to and I think this is actually helping us writing better material in less time, so I do not think that its going to take as much time between “Incongruous” and the next album. We also had ideas about a live DVD, or just the audio of a live show but there is nothing sure about it and it would be in 2013.
Do you have anything left to say to the Beneath Massacre fans out there?

Everyone need to go listen to the new album because we think this is the best album we recorded so far. We can’t wait to play the new songs live in your city and have fun with you guys!

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