Behemoth: Live Photos from Tinley Park, IL!


Behemoth: Live Photos from Tinley Park, IL!

Everyone knows that Slayer has announced their “final” tour. When I saw the lineup, I couldn’t just go as a fan, I had to go there to cover the event! Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament, Lamb of God, and Slayer?! I wish more tours would come around like this one!! The only “unfortunate” (and I’m using that word very loosely) thing about the tour is that set times were really short for all these great bands.

Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, I did not get photos of Testament (I will one day dammit!) So, we will start the coverage of this event off with the second band on the bill, Behemoth!!

If you have not seen Behemoth live before, you really should. Adam “Nergal” Darski and company put on one hell of a show. I have seen them live several times, and they have never disappointed me.

Opening with one of my favorite songs, “Ov Fire and the Void”, continuing into “Demigod” and then “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”, the first three songs were plenty of time to get great photos of the entire band.

The energy coming from the stage and the reciprocal energy from the crowd was intense and really set the mood for things to come later in the night. Nergal was all over the stage between verses, riling up the crowd and giving us photographers great opportunities for shots. Orion gave us several chances to catch him spraying water into the air. Seth had a fan on him, so there were plenty of chances for great hair in the wind shots. Even though he was buried behind a massive drum kit, I still managed to grab some good shots of Inferno (who is an absolute beast on the drums).

I went back to my seat after the third song and watched them round out the set with a new song from the upcoming album, “Wolves ov Siberia”, then “Chant for Eschaton 2000” and closing song “O Father O Satan O Sun!”

The new Behemoth album is rumored to be out around the end of 2018, which I’m sure will be followed by a worldwide tour cycle. I’ll be sure to be there for that tour!