Behemoth, “I Loved You At Your Darkest” / “ILYAYD” Backlash, And Response


Behemoth, “I Loved You At Your Darkest” / “ILYAYD” Backlash, And Response

Behemoth have been receiving a lot of backlash recently, especially on the bands Facebook profile, about their latest album title, the content of the music videos, and the sound of the songs. I Loved You at Your Darkest, the band’s eleventh studio album, is due for release October 5th via Metal Blade Records.

To my ear, the quality and songwriting are very much in line with what I expect and hope for from the Polish extreme metal band. The album title is in English and doesn’t phonically sound like anything evil, which I realize is not cvlt enough for some of the more elitist among us. That’s right, Behemoth, the band who, for years, have sold stretchy pants for girls, jewelry and fucking coffee, have finally pushed you over the edge with their latest album title …

Behemoth Stretchy PantsThis is a band who sell cheese and we all buy it with a fucking smile on our faces. Why? Because it’s fun.  Behemoth make clothes I want to wear and have a sound I want to listen to. They make it easy as hell to love them with the dark imagery, and there’s no shortage of merch for us to show our support. Behemoth are a brand that I really like and a band that I really like.  Both are good things, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re some ambassadors from Hell who suddenly betrayed Satan with their latest album title.

The music videos they released have also been coming under fire. Apparently Nergal fucking a woman with a cross (“God=Dog”) is too “on the nose” but the whole band eating the wings of a dead angel that just gave birth to a demon (“Ov Fire and the Void”) was fine? Then the latest video has a wolf chasing and killing a woman (“Wolves ov Siberia”) and suddenly that’s too lame?

Behemoth, “God=Dog”

I loved the “God=Dog” video. It’s the right style and imagery I enjoy from watching Behemoth videos. Lots of on-the-nose blasphemy and a head-banging song underneath. It’s what I want and Behemoth deliver.

“Wolves ov Siberia” is a low-budget video, much like all the videos I make with my band. There’s nothing wrong with having a lower-budget video, but Behemoth are known for having some really bad-ass videos. which is the only reason this one falls short. They set a standard and now I just want more of that. So I agree to some extent with some of the negative feedback on that one. I also think it’s really interesting that some Siberian wolves hunt alone (thanks Google!). That certainly falls in line with the new video – but, what the hell do I know about wolves other than they howl and they’re fucking big.

Behemoth, “Wolves ov Siberia”

What was the third thing I wanted to talk about? Oh yeah, the MUSIC! To everyone who is talking shit about the music, I think there may be a disconnect between your reality of now and your reality of a couple years ago. Based only on hearing the two released tracks, the new record sounds like a mixture of The Satanist recording quality and Demigod songwriting. There is aggression, fist-raising rhythm, and powerful shit to yell when we see them live.

Behemoth‘s, I Loved You at Your Darkest might be the greatest record ever, or it might be a lot of shit. None of us have heard it yet (unless you were at the listening party) so keep it in your pants until we can actually get a listen to the thing in its entirety.

Shut up and pre-order Behemoth‘s I Loved You at Your Darkest from Metal Blade Records here!

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