Behemoth: “And The Forests Dream Eternally” Reissue Review


Behemoth: “And The Forests Dream Eternally” Reissue Review

Behemoth slithered out of Poland and forever changed the black metal scene. After numerous successful albums and multiple monstrous tours, Nergal and company have risen to become quite the powerhouse in a genre that was once very much underground and taboo. Perhaps this album is their gift of sorts to their most loyal fans.

And the Forests Dream Eternally was originally released via the Italian label Entropy Records. This is a CD and vinyl reissue of their debut EP from 1995 that includes both vintage audio material and exclusive archival content. Included are booklets with lyrics, old photos and flyers, old interviews from zines, liner notes from bands the world over, and J-cards of rare rehearsals from 1993. 

“Transylvanian Forest” starts off with the expected beloved darkness, capturing the insidious nature of black metal with the intro of crows cawing that leads into a thick wall of blasphemous sound. “Moonspell Rights” opens with spoken words and a sound that simply goes above and beyond the infamous Norwegian style of those days. Behemoth delve more into sheer sonic brutality that is both eerie and crudely melodic.

“Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)” rears its evil head with classic style, shrieks and various rhythms that sound restless, furious and bitter. “Pure Evil and Hate” is a little different than the other songs on the album. Perhaps I detect a NWOBHM tinge to it. Although it is a shorter track, it still showcases their bestial aggressiveness. 

Closer “Forgotten Empire of the Dark Witchcraft ” is a memorable track, again brimming with feral wickedness. Obviously the album should be considered a revisited gift that honors the ’90s black metal era that Behemoth reigned in as their own to carry you on their occult journey.

And the Forests Dream Eternally is our now on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!

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