Behemoth: “A Forest” EP Review


Behemoth: “A Forest” EP Review

Behemoth made the surprise announcement of a new EP coming at the end of May only a few weeks ago and it’s definitely the kind of news we all needed to hear at that moment. Tomorrow the EP comes out via Metal Blade Records, but today we are here with a quick review.

The EP is four tracks in total. Two of the tracks are for the song “A Forest”- one studio version and one live from Warsaw, Poland. A Forest is a cover of The Cure and this version features a guest appearance by Shining‘s, Niklas Kvarforth. The other two tracks are brand spankin’ new Behemoth songs, “Shadows ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha”, and “Evoe.

We’ve all heard “A Forest in Behemoth‘s new music video (for those of you who haven’t, scroll down). The two new tracks are apparently songs that were left over tracks from the latest record ILYAYD. Honestly, I’m not sure how these tracks were left off the record, but I guess there’s only so much space on a CD.

The two new songs are very much in line with the last record, but leaning on the more brutal side. They still have a similar feel to them but they’re heavier, and have that signature Behemoth groove (if I’m allowed to call it that?).

You’re all going to hear it tomorrow and you can enjoy for yourselves. I’m a Behemoth super-fan so you can’t trust my judgement, but the only negative things I can say about the EP is that it’s a fucking EP and disappointingly short, and that maybe we didn’t need the live version of “A Forest” to break up the flow in the second spot. But seriously, that’s some nit-picky bullshit on my part.

If you haven’t heard it already, here’s Behemoth‘s version of The Cure‘s, “A Forest”.

And just for fun, here’s the original The Cure version of the song:

Behemoth, A Forest
Behemoth, A Forest

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