Beheaded: “Beast Incarnate” Album Review


Beheaded: “Beast Incarnate” Album Review

From the island nation of Malta (Yes, it’s a real place … look it up!), comes the guttural, gurgling gore-mongers Beheaded and their new album, Beast Incarnate. This band has been together for over 25 years, so it’s interesting that they are just showing up on my radar now.

Imagine an even heavier and barbarian sound in the vocals and you have Beheaded. The drums literally never seem to stop pummeling you, and the guitar work has the speed and intensity of 10,000 Spartans tearing across a Macedonian desert. Though the lyrics are hard to understand, it’s pretty obvious that the subject matter does not involve unicorns, cupcakes or cute little kitties. This is music to play in the background of a good old-fashioned raping and pillaging scenario.

Stand out tracks for me are probably “Crossing the House of Knives,” “Reign of the Headless King” and “Cursed Mediterranean.” Overall, after a few listens I really began to get into the sturm und drang of Beheaded and Beast Incarnate.

Beast Incarnate is out now on Unique Leader Records. Buy it here!

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