Joy Division. It’s an uncanny opening to a metal review, but with a band like Beastmilk, it is fitting. These Fins embrace the gothic darkness like the aforementioned post-punkers, stirred in with dollops of Type O Negative murk. On their debut, Climax, this funeral party tips the tombstones with rich walls of sound that are frequently punctured by fleeting hooks.

Jagged guitars stab away the fog of “Death Reflects Us,” and “Your Are Now Under Our Control” is bristling with hypnotic energy. “Ghosts of Focus” dives deep into the darkness and emerges with an emotive hook that leaves a sting. Beastmilk color outside the lines of metal, but they maintain an end-of-days heaviness that is befitting of demon nights and haunted churches.

Climax is out now on Magic Bullet Records.

Rating: 4/5 stars