Sometimes when I review a new release, I find myself with a shortage of adjectives. I recently experienced this withBeak‘s new album, Let Time Begin. It’s a complex dose of post-metal, not unlike Neurosis, Cult of Luna, or maybe evenThe Ocean, but the dynamics are much more prevalent. despite my struggle to find the right words, I cobbled this together: Let Time Begin is as brutal as it is beautiful. Beak blend post-metal, sludge, and blackened vocals to create a giant, swirling mass of gargantuan riffs and beautiful breaks.

“Souls in Streams” bursts into your psyche immediately. It’s abrupt and atmospheric. “Light Outside” continues this feel, albeit in a more straightforward form, and “The Breath of Universe” delivers with intensity and intriguing time signatures.

Let Time Begin is a loose concept-album based on the origins of the universe, but it takes a few listens to understand what Beak are trying to convey. While they don’t stray to far from the conventional post-metal formula, they more than make up for that in the textures that they create. These songs are also shorter than those commonly found in this genre, which makes for a more enjoyable listen.

Let Time Begin is Beak‘s debut full-length album, and they make a strong impression. They are a band to watch.

Let Time Begin is out now on Someoddpilot Records.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Beak - Let Time Begin




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