Last Friday the awesome Battlecross premiered their cover of Slayer‘s “War Ensemble” on SiriusXM Liquid Metal, and in case you missed it, we have it for you right now! These guys have covered this song numerous times live, and as you can see from the footage from Orion Fest last year below, they totally do it justice. Hell, this band does everything right in my opinion, so of course I’m not suprised that this sounds so damn incredible! Here’s what Hiran Deraniyagala said on the cover, “Slayer is obviously one of our biggest influences. Slayer taught me personally to not give a f#@k and throw in attitude in your riffs. War Ensemble is one of my favorite Slayer songs because it embodies the aggression and attitude of Slayer but also is more dynamic than a traditional Slayer song that is all speed. Jeff Hanneman was an underrated player and it’s shame his greatness was only recognized after he passed. In honor of Jeff we wanted to cover “War Ensemble” and throw in a bit of our own twist and speed to the song. Slayer!!!!!!

Check out the cover NOW, and support the mighty Battlecross today!


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