Are you still one of those addicted to “Yellow & Green” by Baroness? Yes, it was released in 2012, but this album truly gets better and better with each and every listen. Since it’s release, we all know what these guys have been through. A horrifying wreck in August of 2012 in England, a long and extensive recovery, lineup changes, and a triumph return to the stage last year. The video for “March To The Sea” captured one of their first shows back, and I still get goosebumps hearing the crowd chant “Welcome Back” at the beginning. Watch that again here, along with their new live video for “Sea Lungs” that they’ve just released! Filmed by Jimmy Hubbard at The Casbah in San Diego, California of last year, this gets you up close and personal with their live show and I absolutely love it! Enjoy the clip below!



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