Album Review: Bangladeafy, “Ribboncutter”

Bangladeafy are a tech metal duet from New York City. With Jon Ehlers as bassist/vocalist/keyboardist and Atif Haq on drums, Ribboncutter is ultra-unique, a versatile output that dances like electrical impulses down your sonic fibers.

The songs on Ribboncutter could be a backdrop to an action packed movie. Admittedly, I am not well versed in the tech metal genre but Bangladeafy churn out good shit to drive to (not in front of the men in blue). My top pick is “Espionage” which boasts a rhythm that definitely suggests it would fit well in a spy movie. Kudos to the drumming.

Nefarious Industries will release Ribboncutter on September 21. Buy it here!

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Bangladeafy - Ribboncutter - Promo

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