Avatar – Live Photos from The Sylvee 2021


Avatar – Live Photos from The Sylvee 2021

Avatar is currently Going Hunting across North America with support from Tallah and Magic Sword! When I saw the tour was making a stop in Madison, Wisconsin at The Sylvee on a Friday night, I knew it was time for a mini road trip to a venue I haven’t shot at before, and I’m glad I did!

During the peak of the pandemic, Avatar did a series of 4 live stream shows in January 2021 called “Avatar Ages“. While they were just live streams, the band put on great performances that really showcased how much they missed touring and performing for their fans.

Avatar always puts on a great performance, and even with nearly two years off since the pandemic started, you couldn’t tell that there was ever a break. The band absolutely killed it and they seem to be more hungry to tour than ever. For evidence of this, check out the huge gallery of photos from their show at The Sylvee on September 17, 2021 below!

Avatar Setlist
1. Colossus
2. Let it Burn
3. Silence in the Age of Apes
4. Bloody Angel
5. Child
6. The Eagle Has Landed
7. Paint Me Red
8. A Secret Door
9. For the Swarm
10. Torn Apart
11. Gun
12. Going Hunting
13. Pigfucker
14. A Statue of the King
15. The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country
16. Wormhole
17. Smells Like a Freakshow
18. Hail the Apocalypse