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Alestorm Release “Tortuga” Single And Music Video

Our favorite pirate metallers Alestorm will return on May 29 with Curse of the Crystal Coconut and they have released a new single and music video entitled “Tortuga.” Alestorm on the new video: “Oh wow! Chris from Alestorm here. We’re really excited to release our new vi- IT’S ME, CAPTAIN YARRFACE! GET OUT OF MY WAY LITTLE BOY BOWES! THIS SONG

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Five Musical Events We Can’t Wait To See When Life Returns To Normal

For music lovers, the cancellation or rescheduling of tours and festivals – while reasonable given the COVID-19 situation – is a huge bummer. That said, our sites are now on future dates, and here are five must-see events on our list for when life returns to whatever “normal” is after this episode. 5. Black Label Society/Obituary/Lord Dying Reschedulign these dates

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Fleshgod Apocalypse Release “Lacrimosa” Music Video

Fleshgod Apocalypse are keeping things interesting by releasing a music video featuring their reading of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s ‘”Lacrimosa”, taken from his masterpiece Requiem In D Minor. Fleshgod Apocalypse state: Even if the whole world is in lockdown, we still feel the need to stay connected with our fans all around the world. That’s why from now on we’ll be constantly

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The Swell Fellas: “The Great Play Of Extension” EP Review

What The Swell Fellas lack in audible heaviness, they make up for with shear intensity. The Great Play fo Extension opens with an instrumental spider web that gives way into the meat of “Placebo.” It is psychedelic, with reverb tricks engulfing the brain. And it doesn’t let up over the course of the eight-plus minute composition, with its woozy interludes

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Lamb of God - ST - Cover

Lamb Of God: “Lamb Of God” Album Review

Randy Blythe opens Lamb of God‘s eponymous release with plain sung vocals, introducing “Momento Mori” delicately, only to pop the cork on this beast of a song with his trademark raspy wail. It is a fitting opening salvo for the band’s eighth release and first to hit the streets in five years. Lamb of God is a summation of their sound.

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The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous - Cover

The Black Dahlia Murder: “Verminous” Album Review

Pressing play on a new The Black Dahlia Murder album is akin to opening up a circle pit, be it in the middle of a racous club or in the solitude of the bedroom. Verminous is no different. Like the much-lauded Everblack and Nightbringers, frontman Trevor Strnd and his band of death mongers bristle with apocalyptic fury set into motion

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Irdorath - Cover

Irdorath: “The Final Sin” Album Review

When most people think of blackthrash, they think of black metal inspired thrash, but in the case of Irdorath, it’s the other way around. The band’s fifth album, The Final Sin, continues to push toward the black metal side of things while keeping those elements of thrash that make this band so uniqu. They top this off with better production

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Testament - Titans Of Creation - Artwork

Testament: “Titans Of Creation” Album Review

You don’t earn a spot as one of The Big Four of thrash metal without showing a significant amount of muscle. Testament continue to flex more than 25 years into a storied career with Titans of Creation, one hell of a strong release. The follow-up to Brotherhood of the Snake, Titans of Creation comes on the heels of the bands

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