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Kraanium: “Chronicles of Perversion” Review by Basti!

Maybe the shock factor has slightly worn off of death metal after 20-plus years. If someone says “Kraanium have released a new album,” I’m fairly certain you can close your eyes, draw the album cover, name the songs, even hum the music, and chances are you wouldn’t be far off at all. Okay, so it isn’t ground-breakingly original or particularly cerebral

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Kronos: “Arisen New Era” Album Review by Basti!

Remember Kronos? Don’t worry, you will. As a long-established pillar of the genre, their music has always been slightly reserved for tech-death connoisseurs. But with the arrival of Arisen New Era, don’t be surprised if they start dethroning the big dogs for a place on Mount Olympus. Even though they may be pandering to the masses (i.e., those who take

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Wrvth: “Self-Titled” Album Review by Basti!

And now for something completely different. Wrvth, formerly Wrath of Vesuvius, are back with a vengeance. Well, damn. An increasingly rare thing these days, this is one album that should turn a few heads. Without a doubt, you kids will find a way to name this particular style “technical-progressive-blackened-death-metal-with-a-hint-of-core-and-a-slight-aftertaste-of-jazz” or something to that effect. Or, perhaps, we could all just

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Eschaton: “Sentinel Apocalypse” Album Review By Basti!

A tech-death debut album? Get in! Everyone who remembers experiencing their first Spawn of Possession face-melt is likely to pee a little at the prospect. Unless, of course, they’ve grown tired of hearing harmonic minor wankery and blast beats, in which case they might be a little weary. After all, many of those who clicked on Necrophagist’s new song only

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Coathanger Abortion: “Observations of Humanity” Album Review by Basti!

Returning after six years of live shows, Coathanger Abortion are set to release their second full-length and, in case you haven’t already guessed, it’s a brutal one. Even though these guys formed at the turn of the millennium to kindle the fires of death metal, they’ve never exactly gone out of their way to reinvent the sound. Observations of Humanity, in

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