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Tristan Shone is redefining industrial metal with his Author & Punisher project, and if his 2013 release Women & Children was a bloody knuckle to the nose, his newest offering, Melk En Honing, is a screwdriver to the temple.

Unlike the genre’s forebearers who employed traditional instruments bolstered by synth and drum effects to attain a mechanical intensity, Shone takes an approach that is more fitting of industrial music: machines that he crafted with his own two hands. Utilizing what he refers to as drone machines, dub machines, and masks, he creates a metallic cacophony of his own design.

The joy-less dirges are intense, like “The Barge” with its monolithic hammering and woozy repetition which are trademarks of Shone’s apocalyptic songwriting. “Cauterize” may sum up the album best with the line “I’m not looking for madness, but it’s found,” it also delivers one of the most melodic compositional moments out Melk En Honing’s eight tracks. Track after track finds Shone orchestrating a diabolical loop and piling titanic textures on top of it to the point that the entire structure threatens to collapse into a massive pile of sonic debris.

Melk En Honing further affirms Tristan Shone as a visionary, and as Author & Punisher, he is creating music that fits today’s damaged, dangerous world.

Melk En Honing is out June 30 on Housecore Records. Pre-order it here!

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