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Atala: “Labyrinth of Ashmedai” Album Review


Atala: “Labyrinth of Ashmedai” Album Review

Me, personally? I am a huge desert doom metal fan. There’s just something about the metal that comes out of the desert that speaks to me, I guess. So, I am totally digging the fuck out of Atala‘s new album, Labyrinth of Ashmedai. Hailing from one of my favorite places on Earth – 29 Palms, California – Atala is to desert doom what the Melvins are to Seattle grunge.

Labyrinth of Ashmedai is a sonic bulldozer. Guitarist/vocalist Kyle Stratton is a human powerhouse of riffs and vocals. There’s nothing better than a three-piece band that can bring the heat with no needless fluff. At only six tracks, this record carries the listener on a dark and sandy assault of the earholes. This is music that makes every molecule in your body vibrate. It’s a total song canvas of tracks that are literal heavy hammers of metal.

Hopefully, Atala will tour near enough to see them. And, if they do? Don’t be a pussy and not go see them.

Labyrinth of Ashmedai is out Salt of the Earth Records. Buy it  here!