Arsis: “Visitant” Album Review


Arsis: “Visitant” Album Review

For most metalheads, fall – particularly October and November – is the most glorious time of the year whereby we pay homage to the horror genre that we all know is closely linked to heavy metal. Virginia Beach based technical melodic death metal band Arsis capture the passion for horror on their sixth album, Visitant. As quoted by guitarist/vocalist James Mallone :

I wanted to do something different with the lyrical themes for this album and it was just a natural move to incorporate a passion for horror into Visitant. As I was doing my part of the writing I tried to capture the tone and atmosphere of some of my favorite films (Silver Bullet, From Beyond, Prince Of Darkness). It was a very satisfying and fun album to write and I think it might be what fans consider a ‘worthy follow-up’ to A Diamond For Disease”.
Indeed we have a worthy album full of glorious melody per se, with hints of black and thrash metal thrown in for good measure.

“Tricking the Gods” is excellent; the lyrics speak for itself. Thoroughly heavy and massively intense, it’s a wall of sound. “Hell Sworn” again smashes with sonic fury with a cross between thrash and black metal. Other notable tracks are “Death Vow” and “As Deep As Your Flesh”, empowering through it’s very extremity.

ArsisVisitant is a decent album that blends many different styles and influences.

Visitant is out now on Nuclear Blast Records and Agonia Records. Buy it here!

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