Armored Saint: “Carpe Noctum” Album Review


Armored Saint: “Carpe Noctum” Album Review

Armored Saint hold a special place in my musical collection and heart. They’re one of the bands I discovered by seeing a cool album cover in a record store before giving March Of the Saint a chance. It quickly grew into one of my favorite albums, and I have been a fan ever since.

I’m not normally a huge live record fan as of late. It just doesn’t seem like you get the energy of the crowd like you do from such classics as KissAlive. Armored Saint do a great job with it on Carpe Noctum, and the production and mix are really impressive. The band whip through classics, like the aforementioned “March Of The Saint” and “Stricken By Fate,” and bring in some killer new songs, such as “Mess” and “Win Hands Down.”  There isn’t much audience banter between songs, and the musicianship fires on all cylinders on every song.

Honestly, my biggest complaint is that Carpe Noctum just isn’t long enough! Eight songs to cover a 25-plus year career just doesn’t cut it, but that is really my only beef here.

Carpe Noctum is out now on Metal Blade Records. But it here!

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