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EP Review: Archaeobeast, “Manifesting The Antichrist”


EP Review: Archaeobeast, “Manifesting The Antichrist”

After playing Archaeobeast‘s EP, Manifesting the Antichrist, several times, one thing comes to mind: old school death metal perfection.

Hailing from Virginia, Archaeobeast deliver everything one likes to hear in a versatile little death metal album: twisted, prominent riffs; labyrinthine song structures; a subtle sense of melody; a grim hint of doom, furious, varied leads; and the insidious vocals of demons. Some of the more dissonant segments remind me of Immolation, but they add their own nefarious formula.

Manifesting the Antichrist merges several separate pieces into one synthesis that results in a feeling of some vile force is conducting the songs. Thank you, Archaeobeast, for keeping old school death metal alive and well.

Manifesting the Antichrist is out September 7 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Pre-order the album here!

Archaeobeast - Manifesting the Antichrist - Promo

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