Arch Enemy and Christopher Amott Amicably Part Ways

Photo Credit: Simona Bezdekova

According to a joint statement made by the members of melodic death metal veterans Arch Enemy, founding member and guitarist Christopher Amott has officially split from the band. The joint statement reads as follows:

“We thank Christopher for the time he’s worked with the band and of course wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Thankfully, there is no drama behind the scenes here. This is the best way forward for all involved. Christopher simply does not feel at home with playing extreme metal anymore.

We have already chosen and rehearsed with a new guitar player and we will complete the ‘Khaos Legions’ 2012 touring cycle as planned. We are highly motivated and look forward to continue spreading our music around the world!

Finally, our deepest thanks go to the ARCH ENEMY fans, whose amazing support and belief inspires us ever onward.”

Arsis guitarist Nick Cordle will fill in for Amott as Arch Enemy continues on their world tour in support of their 2011 release Khaos Legions. About the choice to recruit Cordle for the remainder of the tour, guitarist Michael Amott stated, “Nick was my first choice as he ticks all the right boxes for Arch Enemy with his musicality and technicality as well as his personality and dedication.” Amott’s enthusiasm is unsurprising, considering not only Cordle’s academic credentials (studies in jazz and music theory) but also his years of work with Arsis.

The next leg of the Khaos Legions tour begins on the 23rd in Tunisia, and features an assortment of supporting acts from around the globe. The dates are as follows:

23-March-2012 – Festival Mediterranéen de la guitar – Tunis, Tunisia
25-March-2012 – Colos-Saal – Aschaffenburg, Germany
13-April-2012 – Shibuya Ax – Tokyo, Japan
14-April-2012 – Yokohama Blitz – Japan
16-April-2012 – Diamond Hall – Nagoya, Japan
17-April-2012 – Big Cat – Osaka, Japan
24-April-2012 – Chin Woo Stadium (Hall) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26-April-2012 – Diablo Open Air 2012 – Singapore
28-April-2012 – Pulp Summer Slam 12 – Manila, Philippines
30-April-2012 – Manning Bar – Sydney, Australia
01-April-2012 – Billboard The Venue – Melbourne, Australia
28-June-2012 – Peace and Love Festival – Borlänge, Sweden
30-June-2012 – Dokk’em Open Air – Dokkum, Netherlands
13-July-2012 – Bang Your Head Festival – Balingen, Germany
14-July-2012 – Rock Harz Open Air – Ballenstedt, Germany
15-July-2012 – Masters Of Rock – Vizovice, Czech Republic
18-July-2012 – Hegyalja Fesztival – Tokaj Rakamaz, Hungary
20-July-2012 – Devilside – Oberhausen, Germany
04-August-2012 – Vagos Open Air – Vagos, Portugal
20-October-2012 – Metal Female Voices Fest – Wieze, Belgium
21-October-2012 – Le Bataclan – Paris, France
23-October-2012 – Totem – Pamplona, Spain
25-October-2012 – Capitol – Santiago de Compostela, Spain
26-October-2012 – La Riviera – Madrid, Spain
27-October-2012 – Razzmatazz 2 – Barcelona, Spain

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