Arcadea Stream Trippy “Infinite End” From Self-Titled Album

Trippy AF psychedelic synth comin’ atcha from five billion years in the future! Space wizard Brann Dailor from Mastodon is about 33 percent responsible, along with Core Atoms of Zruda and Raheem Amlani of Withered, in a new band called Arcadea

Arcadea‘s self-titled debut drops on June 16 on Relapse Records and can be pre-ordered here. Stream “Gas Giant and “Infinite End” below.

1. Army of Electrons
2. Gas Giant
3. Rings of Saturn
4. Neptune Moons
5. Infinite End
6. Electromagnetic
7. Motion of Planets
8. The Pull of Invisible Strings
9. Through The Eye of Pisces
10. Worlds Can Go On
11. Magnificent Facade

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