Arcadea: “Arcadea” Album Review


Arcadea: “Arcadea” Album Review

Being a huge Mastodon fan, I came to Arcadea‘s new self-titled album already excited since this is a side project from drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor. While basically a spacey, synthy, proggy, acidy concept as a group, one can still hear many Mastodony influences and inflections within it’s tracks.

Imagine a metal hybrid of Rush and the highly underrated band U.K. Throw in 10 hits of clean blotter and some mind-blowing visuals, and you have Arcadea. This is the first “Headphones Highly Suggested!” album I have heard in a very long time. Grab a candle and some incense, lock yourself in your mom’s basement, and crank this into your ear holes for a psychic, aural journey.

A few of my faves are “Gas Giant,” “Rings of Saturn,” “Magnificent Facade,” and “Through the Eye of Pisces.” Obviously, if you’re a Mastodon fan, it’s a given you will love this record. If you have an open mind and dig Hawkwind or Ozric Tentacles, prepare to have your face melted.

Arcadea is out June 16 on Relapse Records. Buy it here!


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