Apothesary - Accept Loss Forever

From Northern California’s Apothesary comes Accept Loss Forever. Five years in the making, it’s obvious these guys spent this time honing their chops and writing a killer second album. This is one bad mofo of metal, boys and girls.

Not only is Accept Loss Forever stellar on all fronts (writing, playing, and production), but the subject matter of grief and desolation hold it together as a pretty cohesive piece of music. From beginning to end, this record shows that Apothesary are an up-and-coming band to be watched.

For me, the most killer track on the album, which comes out of left field in the midst of some raging and thunderous tunes, is “Knight.” Its sudden slow tempo and clean singing are an example of just how talented and versatile Apothesary are.

I highly recommend that you listen to Accept Loss Forever when it’s released July 7.

Accept Loss Forever is out July 7 on M-Theory Audio. Buy it here! 

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