Aposento Stream “Bleed To Death” In Its Entirety

For a band formed in 1990 and with such brutal talent, Spain’s Aposento should be as big as Cannibal Corpse.

Unfortunately, they have battled many challenges since their inception, including various lineup changes and dormancy 1997 through 2012. Aposento are back, though, and are now prepared to claim their place in the hallowed halls of death metal with their second long-player, Bleed to Death.

The album boasts 10 grinding compositions scraped from the walls of Satan’s lair, with gurgling vocals and buzzing riffs that reflect death metal at its best.

We are honored to partner with Xtreem Music to provide a full-album stream of Aposento‘s Bleed to Death. The album drops June 12, and you can pre-order it here!

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