Anvil: “Pounding The Pavement” Album Review


Anvil: “Pounding The Pavement” Album Review

Canadian metal masters Anvil return with their seventeenth album, Pounding the Pavement, and it certainly is pounding. These metal gods have been kicking ass since 1978 and are well respected by the likes of Metallica and the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. My personal love and admiration for Anvil started in the very late ’80s. They are a magnificent, hardworking, and determined band that have lived through multiple hardships and endured decades of the ever-changing and ever-challenging music business.

Guitarist and vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow should be recognized for his massive, guitar-god-worthy shredding skills; Robb Reiner is a beast of a metal drummer, whose age has never been a factor in his percussive skills; and bassist Chris Robertson‘s reminds me a great deal of Kilmister. Pounding the Pavement was produced at Soundlodge Studios in Rhauderfehn, Germany, a remote area in the northwest that is the perfect place for the trio to master their sound.

“Bitch in the box” is classic Anvil; 100-percent, balls-out classic metal. The track “Doing What I Want” has a potent modern edge and even adds a smattering of vocal effects. The title track is an instrumental masterpiece that kills it with kick-ass bass and guitar riffs, and I love the classic rock feel of the song “Rock that Shit,” a headbangers delight.
“Nanook of the North” is about the Inuit natives of Canada, and it is again rich in percussion and guitar melodies.

Anvil again prove themselves as alive and well four decades later with Pounding the Pavement. Unstoppable.

Pounding the Pavement is out now on Steamhammer / SPV . Buy it here!