Antichrist: “Pax Moriendi” Album Review

Hail to Hades and Hephaestus for funeral doom with its dirty, dark and rotten ambiance. Check out Antichrist from the heart of Peru with their latest release, Pax Moriendi, on Iron Bonehead. The devilish lineup is Agalariept (vocalist), Manolo Zaren (guitarist, keyboardist), Gustavo Rodriguez (bassist) and Luis Guerra (drummer). The keyboard-laden dishes are reminiscent of winter, and this album has monolithic compositions that terrify, torture, and twist your mind.

“You Will Never See Sunlight” is a long, mournful song befitting the darkest, icy, cold, and eerie day. Haunting keyboards and down-tuned riffs float through “Forgotten in Nameless Suffering,” and “Obscurantism” continues with diabolical vocals and even faster riffs.

Doom/death metal like what Antichrist offer is a perfect backdrop for dark musings on a fog-drenched, raw evening.

Pax Moriendi is out now on Iron Bonehead Productions. Buy it here!

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