Happy Labor Day to all! Hope you’re having a great Monday and it’s time once again for From The Vault. Today we take a trip back to 1985, to the second album, the first to feature singer Joey Belladonna, by Anthrax, Spreading The Disease and the track, Madhouse.

The album produced by Jon Zazula (Jonny Z) who founded Megaforce Records was the last album where former singer Neil Turbin contributed any song writing credits and Madhouse was the only track released off the album. The video received very little airplay and was banned by MTV, who felt that it degraded mentally challenged persons. The song however, has become a staple for the band at their live shows and was even covered by Pantera in 1987.

The lineup for Anthrax for Spreading The Disease includes: Joey Belladona – vocals, Scott Ian and Dan Spitz – guitars, Frank Bello – bass and Charlie Benante – drums and the track came in at #46 on VH1’s 2009 Best Hard Rock Song countdown.

It’s a Madhouse or so they claim…it’s a Madhouse, Am I Insane?


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