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Annihilator: “Triple Threat” Album Review


Annihilator: “Triple Threat” Album Review

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. I will admit, I had never heard of Canadian thrash band Annihilator until this interesting three-disc set arrived in my email. Yes, I know, we never give Canada the respect and recognition it deserves. I’m sorry! I shall redeem myself with this review, I promise.

A cool concept of old songs done acoustically, a kickass live set and a video collection of documentaries and performances all released physically, so fuck you illegal downloaders. Buy this! Actually, add it to your collection of music like we did in the olden tymes.

I really dig the acoustic stuff. You can tell the quality of a song when it is stripped down to basics and done without all the electronic flash and bang. The guitar work at times has an amazing organic flamenco feel to it, the vocals are pitch perfect and the quality of the lyrics shine through when not being shouted over raging riffs and thunderous drumming.

Now, the disc of Annihilator‘s performance at the Bang Your Head Festival from last year is pretty stupendous. It is recorded perfectly, and it makes you feel like you are hearing a live show from Judas Priest, circa 1980. This is how you perform heavy fucking metal, boys and girls.

The video disc has some cool footage and song selections, and it definitely provides a behind-the-scenes feeling as you watch it. All in all? Triple Threat is worth every penny to both old fans as well as new ones such as myself.

Triple Threat is out now on UDR Music. Buy it here!

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