Annihilator: “For The Demented” Album Review


Annihilator: “For The Demented” Album Review

Hey, kids … remember when heavy metal was fun?

Out of the Great White North (that’s Canada, you chuckleheads), comes the latest from Annihilator, entitled For The Demented. Holy crap, this record is the titties! Imagine Megadeth if Dave Mustaine had a sense of humor and wasn’t a pretentious douchenozzle. For the Demented is an ass-ripper from beginning to end, and there isn’t a weak track on this bitch. I swear to God, this reminds me of Judas Priest in their absolute prime. This was the time when metal bands put out albums that made you want to blast them constantly, either at home or in your car, with the windows down, to show the world what real rock sounded like.

Jeff Waters and company have been slogging it out in the metal trenches since 1989 and hose years have finally paid off with this release. If there was every an album that should break a band into mainstream metal consciousness, it’s definitely For the Demented. There’s no need to give you a track by track breakdown of this record. It’s simply a must listen through and through. If Annihilator plays anywhere near your asses, go fucking see them!

For the Demented is out now on Silver Lining Music. Buy it here!