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Anihilated: “Anti Social Engineering” Review by Rich Pia!


Anihilated: “Anti Social Engineering” Review by Rich Pia!

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Anihilated established thrash in the rich metal history of the United Kingdom, and they may well be one of the best of the genre.

Formed in 1981, they waited until 1984 to record their first two EPs, both of which were highly acclaimed, the second even knocking Madonna out of the number one spot in the East of England record charts and further cementing their status. They followed these efforts with two full-lengths in 1988 and 1989, both of which were hailed as the finest and most important UK metal albums of the time. As with many during the turmoil of the early ’90s, Anihilated found themselves displaced and chose to disband in 1994. Thankfully, the story was not over, and the Internet brought new interest and a revitalized fan-base. They decided it was time to reform.

Anti Social Engineering is their third full-length since coming back together, and it is everything fans have come to expect. This release is indeed a pure thrash album, and it makes it abundantly apparent that Anihilated are honed, well-oiled and more hell-bent on conquest than ever. Musically, this release is everything a thrash fan would want it to be, and it provides more than just the fast, furious riffage. It is also catchy with many hooks.  The more you listen to it, the more it grabs hold of you, pulling you in more and more.

Lyrically, Anililated hold true to their punk roots on Anti Social Engineering with its tales of injustice and horror culled from real-world observations. This is something that has set them apart since the beginning, and they are not afraid to plainly and bluntly express opinions like during “A Vile Congregation.” Every song on this release has its own individuality, and I do enjoy each one. If I had to pick a handful of high points, they would be “They Lie We Die,” the title-track, “Torn by the Tooth” and “Thrashing Crew.” If you are a thrash fan, do yourself a favor and pick this one up!

Anti Social Engineering is out now on 7th Vile Records. Buy it now!

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