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Anger As Art: “Fast As Fuck!” Album Review


Anger As Art: “Fast As Fuck!” Album Review

After 13 years of performances and with their sixth album, Anger as Art prove that thrash will never cease.

Fast As Fuck! is their first live album featuring 16 tracks, three of which are new studio cuts, including a cover of “Matriarch” by Montrose. It is done very well, I might add. I am not usually a fan of live albums; however, Fast As Fuck! sounds badass. It was recorded live at Chicali Lounge in Monterey Park, California, on February 3, 2018, and it was produced and engineered by Ronald Sandoval. If this is what the band sound like live, I am all in. Speedy riffing is huge and heavy throughout the entire album. “I Create Your God” is my top pick, and it is fueled by a melodic anarchy of sound. The new original studio tracks, “Everybody Dies” and “Vicious Intent,” feature in-your-face, neck-snapping material.

Anger as Art bring to life a maniacal, no-forgiveness love for classic thrash that has kept fans of the genre revved up in its electric power for decades. It is music that moves you and moves your neighbors as well. I hear a colossal wall of sound in Fast As Fuck!.

Fast As Fuck! is out now on Malevolence Records. But it here!

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